Things You Should Look For in a Web Design Company

Look out for these things when you are corresponding with different web design companies that you might work with. These things don’t necessarily guarantee a great web design company. Still, if you pick a company that does these things, your chances of a good outcome will increase.

Your Ideas are the Forefront

Your website is all about your business and your niche. For that reason, any web design company needs to listen to all of your ideas and consider them. At the very least, they should be open to any of your ideas and give you feedback based on them.

Listening to all of your ideas is just the start. A good web design company also needs to have the ability to execute on your ideas.

Their Ideas Build on Yours

Taking this a step further, a good web design company will build on the ideas you give them. You don’t want a company that just agrees with you and does everything that you tell them. You want a company that adds value to your ideas and takes them a step further. Without a web design company that does this, your business will not reach its full potential in terms of online marketing.

A good way to gauge a web design company’s ability to build on your ideas is to simply ask them if they have any input when you are describing your project to them. Keep notes of what they say and compare them to other web design companies’ input on your project.

Their Web Design is Responsive

In today’s day and age, responsive web design is essential for your business to succeed online. According to a recent study, mobile devices account for approximately half of all web traffic. A responsive website will show up well for any device that looks at it. Therefore, you can reach users on whatever device they are using. If a web design company does not make their websites responsive, don’t work with them.

Aside from just asking them if their web design is responsive, you should also test some of their websites on your own. Look through their past client work, and visit the websites on your phone or tablet. Is there a separate menu for mobile? Do the dimensions of each element line up properly? How was the loading time? These are some things you should pay attention to.

They Do Things With the Big Picture in Mind

The difference between a good web design company and a great web design company is whether they have the big picture in mind. In today’s digital world, simply having a website is not enough. You need to work with a web design company that is well versed in search engine optimization, link building, and social media marketing. Your website should tie in with a larger digital marketing strategy, so find a web design company that has the bigger picture in mind.

Your Checklist

Now that you know some key things to look for in a web design company, here is a checklist that you should follow before reaching a final decision on which company you work with.

Evaluate the Scope of Your Project

Before you even consider looking into a web design company, you need to start by evaluating your web design project. There are two major aspects that you should think about that will affect which company you ultimately end up working with, so let’s talk about those.

How Much Work Actually Needs to be Done

It’s important to think about how much work you will actually need to have done by the web design company. While building a website is one task, there are a lot of other tasks involved with the website that you may end up needing.

For example, are you going to need professional word content to use on your web pages? If so, you should try to pick a company that produces SEO website content. Another example is if you need professional pictures of your business taken, a local web design company may offer a photography service with their websites. You should think of any extra tasks your website may need because you don’t want to be disappointed with the final product, and web design companies may ask you when you reach out to them.

Budget For Your Website

The biggest factor that will dictate which web design company you can work with is your budget. While you should be able to find suitable companies to work with within different price ranges, it will limit your selection if you have a smaller budget. Figure out your budget early on so that you can have realistic expectations about companies that you can work with.

The price of having a website built will mainly depend on who it is being built for. If you are an individual or a small business, you will be fine with a basic website and it won’t cost you a fortune. If you are a medium-sized business, your website needs will probably vary from a small business’s – therefore the price will increase. Lastly, if you are an enterprise level company, a website is going to be a much larger investment.

Shop Around For Pricing (Pay Attention to Fees and Charges)

It is important to get more information about fees and charges regarding your website. A lot of web design companies will try to sneak a list of fees and charges in without telling you. This can lead to you quickly going over your budget, and you don’t even know if you will love the final product at that point.

Knowing this, it is essential that you ask any web design company that you may work with about their fees and charges. There isn’t necessarily a standard that web design companies should follow regarding fees and charges, but obviously the fewer fees the better for the consumer. Ask about all the hidden fees they charge and keep tabs on each web design company that you are considering working with. It could be the difference maker between two great choices.

Look At Previous Websites

The best way to get to know the reputation of a web design company is by looking at some of their previous work. If they have worked with a sizable amount of clients, chances are they have done a website in the same category as what you would like to build. Ask if they have made a website related to your business. If not, still take the time to look through previous websites they have made.

Ask About Their Client Retention

After looking at their previous websites, you should also ask them what their client retention rate is. A low client retention rate may show that something bad is going on within that agency that made clients discontinue working with them.

Conversely, if a web design company has a high retention rate, ideally something above 60%, this means that clients prefer building a long-term relationship with the company.

Connect With Who Will Be Personally Responsible for Your Website

A good web design company will allow you to get the contact information of a representative who will be personally responsible for your website. It will be a much better purchase experience for you if you have a point of contact for any questions, updates, discussions, etc.

If a company does not assign a particular person for you to connect with about your website, it may be a sign of unprofessionalism or a disorganized company. Working with a company like this can lead to bad communication, frustration, and a letdown compared to your expectations.

Get Information About Their Customer Support

If you get a personal contact for your website project, that is step one. You still must get the information regarding a web design company’s customer support. Your point of contact is likely not going to be available at all times, because let’s face it, we’re all human.

Whether you have questions or need to talk during the build process, or if you have issues with your website following the launch, you need to know how and when you can contact them. Online customer support chats can be very helpful if your website needs a quick fix, so those are a plus.

The Bottom Line on Choosing a Good Web Design Company

There are plenty of good web design companies out there for you to choose from. A website can be a big investment for a company, and it marks your landing spot for many online customers. For this reason, you don’t want to be disappointed with how your website comes out.

Also, remember that a website is just one piece of the puzzle in terms of an online marketing strategy. It is important to work with a company that knows what they’re doing in multiple areas of digital marketing.

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