The Challenge

Diagnosis: Opportunities to Boost Traffic, Leads, & Sales.

Step-By-Step Discovery of what your business problem actually is.

We met with Sky Marble and Granite Team, and they are not sure how much return on their marketing budget.

They were looking for the wrong solution to a problem, make the wrong decision about tactics, and use the wrong resources.


Increase the Traffic


Marketing Awards



“Monochrome Marketing doesn’t cut corners. They do great work with attention to making websites in line with your business’ marketing strategy. They have proven results in a variety of industries and are fairly priced. I have recommended MonoChrome to several businesses. They are our main marketing company.”
Sharon Inetas

Vice President

The Process

“If you cannot measure it, don’t do it.” When you measure the cost-effectiveness of every effort, your business will develop grove.

  • Understand the business before making any decisions.

  • Measure every marketing effort.

  • Organic traffic increase with SEO works.

Use different channels to reach your target audiences.

Once we identify Sky’s opportunities for improvement, we start to find channels to reach the target audience.

What Sky Marble’s customers are looking for and why they buy. Because it doesn’t matter how creative an offer you have if it doesn’t appeal to your target audiences.

Quality of visitor

Bring traffic that will become a qualified customers.



If you cannot measure your business ROI you earn, you should be stopped all your marketing efforts. Otherwise, you continue spending your money where you shouldn’t spend it.

We’ve seen how marketing campaigns can shift in focus depending on a company’s needs. We identify the original problems before starting any work.  Make sense to test, rather than guess.

We love it when a marketing plan comes together.

We got success in this business because we take a step-by-step approach so we saw exactly what happened. End of the day we saw actual results of what works for SKY’s products and services to SKY’s ausience.

“Advertising… must now become accountable. Advertising… must become an investment in profits.” Lester Wunderman.

Let’s Make Things Happen

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Marketing Consultant Expert
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